Every kilogram of excess weight less
a bit more health

Do not blame your scale for showing you the truth, you secretly knew all along.
Do something about it! 

Our weight-loss plans are tailored toward the individual needs of women, men, children and
teenagers. All plans are based on a healthy, balanced and nutricious diet.

Caught in the trap of bad eating habits and overweight

For most people with overweight, eating means relishing the food. It is only when the pounds have turned into a burden that they feel lethargic and worn-out, they start to dislike themselves and are not able to cope with stress anymore. Walking up only a few stairs can mean they are already out of breath. 

However, it is too late for most people then. They are in the trap of overweight which is commonly connected with bunge eating. But in fact, it is not about bunge eating, but it is about wrong eating habits which have crept in their lives over many years. 


So start here with a feeling of joy and relaxation

The last thing an overweight person needs in this situation is somebody blaming him or her. Someone who preaches about the results of unhealthy diets such as lack of energy, problems with digestion, constipation, diarrhea, stomach upset, heartburn, shortness of breath, a loss of self-esteem, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol values to name just a few of possible by-products and aftereffects.

Becoming aware of the negative effects of overweight cannot change eating habits as such, especially if these habits are associated with something as positive as enjoying. Sometimes there is also a strong association with relaxing, resting the mind – simply treating yourself to something good.

And thinking that you have to be on a diet for the rest of your live will lead to the exact opposite – it signalizes that enjoying life is gone for good. Really gone, really for good?
NO, IT IS NOT – that is what gilmed specialists claim!
You can enjoy travelling towards your personal comfortable weight from the very beginning!
gilmed offers the key how to reduce and keep your weight without too much effort in the long run.

  Adjustment of nutritional intake
•  Weight loss

With gilmed these two factors are achieved in a different way – without the feeling of hunger, but with pleasure, because the concept of gilmed counteracts any feelings of hunger.

There is no limit to the age. Our customers are between 8 and 80. We set up individual programs for women, men, children, and teenagers. They are based on healthy, mixed, but balanced whole food products.

gilmed is a specialist for reducing weight

You will be treated by ecotrophologists, physicians and doctors specialized in nutrition, diabetis specialists, registered dieticians, food coaches, certified nutritionists and diet consultants. 

Our staff goes on special trainings and seminars on a regular basis. 
 In this context, we do not only rely on our experience, but also on the permanently updated scientific findings in the field of nutrition medicine.

A lot of health insurance companies are already cooperating with us. We will be happy to get in touch with yours. 

What is more, our cooperation partners include many hospitals, internists in private practice, general practitioners, cardiologists, orthopedists, angiologists, vascular surgeons, and phlebologists to name just a few medical areas.

For almost three decades now, gilmed has been developing methods to reduce weight under biological and medical aspects. 

At the beginning of the program there is an

-  extensive, 

-  individual, and 

-  free-of charge

consultation to determine the kind and duration of the program. 
 A pre-examination before starting the program makes sure that each person who is suitable for the program has good chances to lead his or her desire to lose weight to a complete success. Special nutrition plans guarantee that - throughout the reduction phase and adjustment of the nutritional intake - the body is supplied with all nutrients at an optimum level. The plans are thus based on a balanced mixed whole food diet.

The programs are additionally supported by free-of charge lymphatic drainage. 

We do not only treat people suffering from overweight (adiposity), but also accompany expectant mothers during and after pregnancy setting up healthy and balanced nutrition plans. We also provide our service to health-conscious people without any weight problems who want to live on a healthy and balanced diet. Furthermore our activities apply to all types of nutrition-related medicine. This includes metabolic diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, metabolism disorder, but also chronic gastro-intestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and Colitis ulcerosa. 

In addition to that, gilmed offers individual programs when food intolerances or allergies are given as well as for all types of eating disorders.

gilmed – more than just losing weight

We do not only put our focus on the successful phase of losing weight, it is even more important to help our customers to keep their weight after finishing the program in the long run. Supported by our competent and professional supervisors, the customers reduce their weight and learn how to maintain the weight reached by a subsequent stabilization process.

A lifelong, cost-free supervision and support will prevent relapsing into old eating habits, which occurs all too often, and will stabilize the obtained weight in the long run as well as the knowledge about nutrition. 

gilmed means more than just losing weight. It is based on the philosophy that natural products will help to rediscover how to enjoy food (without any dietary supplements such as powders, pills or solutions). This is a method which can be called a holiday for the body, however, a holiday for each season. All gilmed staff members do their very best every day to turn this exceptional holiday into a full success for every customer.

And this is the bet:

Our programs will help you to enjoy life again, become more healthy, energetic and self-assured. Go ahead and test it yourself. The first step is a free-of charge informative meeting at one of our gilmed locations or at a place of your choice. 

When you will have finished the therapy successfully, you can enjoy your life knowing that you have solved your weight problems and stabilized your eating habits. Here, the free aftercare support program provides help without any time limits!

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