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Here you’ll find notes on companys , institutions and people
which are close to our heart and supported by us.

Freunde und Förderer Nürnberger Symphoniker e.V.

Lobby für Kinder in Nürnberg

Years ago our club made it their mission not to forget those who are incarcerated over Christmas and can not give their children any Christmas presents. To keep up the bond of the family here, even in such a difficult situation, the LOBBY FOR CHILDREN has regularly been engaged in the Nuremberg Prison since Christmas before the Christmas Eve and not only has presents for the children of the prisoners

delivered but also aligned Christmas parties. For a long time we were the only organization that also takes care of the problems of detainees.

Every year, the LOBBY FOR CHILDREN asks the different companies for donations via children's toys in order to be able to offer the widest possible range for the imprisoned mothers and fathers.

The richly filled gift tables with the great toys and exciting children's books are built by the detainees of the detention center with much love for the decorated Christmas tree. Thus, in the prison, a little Christmas spirit can arise. We sincerely thank all the companies who have provided us with toys and children's books.

Das Deutsche
InfoCenter in Lauf an der Pegnitz



gilmed has taken over the sponsorship for the tree nursery in Spitalgasse in Nuremberg and we made a small boxwood oasis out of it. In addition to the trees, 500 tulip bulbs are planted every year and we all enjoy a wonderful sea of ​​flowers at the beginning of spring.

Lobby für Kinder e.V.

With active help, we also support the Lobby für Kinder e.V., which works for needy children in Nuremberg.

Dominicus Patenschaften

pursues exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent purposes. For the purpose of society, the promotion of youth and elderly care through the selfless support of young and old people.

Orange Tennis Academy

Maurice Friebel
Castellstr. 57c
90451 Nürnberg
Telefon: 0911 / 6 43 73 42
Telefax: 0911 / 6 43 73 43
Mobil: 0176 / 24 62 12 07​

Agapeo ganzheitliche Kinder-Intensivpflege GmbH, Allersberg

Kinderhilfe e.V.

The association for Kinderhilfe e.V. in Eckental has launched the lovely project with "comfort teddy bears" and clowns, which comfort and cheer children during inpatient hospital stays:

JHD Club

In Austria, we sponsor the JHD Club in Neustift, which works for needy children in Tyrol and other non-profit Austrian organizations.


Pascal Weigmann, just 20 years old, has voluntarily joined the project “Weltwärts” for one year. He traveled to Tanzania to provide support. This commitment we find commendable and great. We supported him with a donation and wish him every success in his work.


Furthermore, we are sponsors of the company defimed - fight the cardiac death. Information about the commitment of the company defimed can be found at:


Healthy weight loss - as we see it. We are very positive about what you do actively for parents. With emphasis on pregnancy, parenting and education, you are well advised in this family community. Take a look inside:

FC Poppenreuth

The ultimate 1st gilmed football club! We wish many victories, many successes and many cups.

Bürgerstiftung Nürnberg

Köhnstraße 3
in Nürnberg.