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Annemarie K.

After a serious operation, I had cancer, I came on the advice of my doctors for consultation.
I was amazed at the knowledge and expertise gilmed has to deal with this condition.
Discreet, sensitive and yet factual was the conversation with the doctor at gilmed.
She took a lot of time, went through the findings carefully.

I started the program, an individual program was worked out for me and I felt the first
Day in very good hands.
At the same time, I was repeatedly contacted by my attending GP.

Meanwhile, I have reduced 18 pounds, I'm in the free aftercare.
On the part of my illness I am free of findings.
I see it as a "second chance" and deal with my body and my diet much more sensitive.
"As long as you are healthy, everything is taken for granted".

Thank you, dear Gilles,
thank you all at gilmed.