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Johanna Sch.

I have been in the clinic for a few cycles - I am anorexic.
I was allowed to go home for a few days and a friend told me about gilmed (she herself had bulimia);
It would be at gilmed not only participants who reduce weight, but also athletes, other sufferers, etc.

I came, very excited, into this practice.
There they took a lot of time for me, even without mercy trying to open my eyes.
That sat.
In the clinic you might also be more careful with me, but here I got the necessary jerk to finally wake up.
Yes, it helped me, meanwhile I go to gilmed for a year. Alone, what I have learned all about nutrition,
Me now with great curiosity to implement it.

Even my therapist, where I continue my outpatient therapy is thrilled.

I go back to my job and again take care of my friendships.
There are little steps forward,
but each step is a step out of the shadows for me.
One of my most valuable steps was the way to you, dear gilmed team.

Thank you all, I am very glad to know you in my life.