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Rebecca O.

I was desperate; my daughter today 15, the weight increased, the school performance
decreased rapidly as they were teased at school.
It has isolated itself more and more.
I spoke to the pediatrician, who kept saying "this is growing together, this is the pubertal phase !!"
I couldn't take it. My girlfriend sent me to another pediatrician “a godsend”.
He said: go to gilmed with her, if anyone can do it, there!

At the first meeting I saw out of the corner of my eye that my daughter was talking to Ms. Gilles with a smile on her face
would have. After the interview, my child wanted to start the program immediately. Even when it was suggested to her, first about it
to sleep, "no immediately!" was her statement.

It was the right decision.
I have a happy child again, her weight is in the normal range, her eating behavior is stable and she persists
on her regular visits to gilmed, even if she has been stable for so long.
It is so beautiful how she is happily received with every visit. And she calls gilmed "her best friend"