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Robert L.

My family doctor looked at me seriously in November and said
that it can not go on like this.
My cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels were so out of balance
in addition came my high overweight.
"Let us advise you at gilmed". These were his words.
A few days later, I arranged a consultation.
Without further ado they told me what my doctor said.
You know everything that can come, but stress at work, everything else is more important,
until then you can only make your day with numerous tablets.

I immediately started a program at gilmed.
The care is something so important! I recognize that now.
No time? Nonsense! I have the knowledge now too.
I'm being driven forward, I'm getting motivated and we obese people have to admit, only the pressure makes us awake.
I am every day, always better and better in every way!
I stay tuned.
I have the opportunity to speak to like-minded people, even those who have been in the free aftercare for years.
That has absolutely convinced me.

Thank you all, thank you.