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Yvonne K.

Decades overweight was my constant companion.

I found the way to gilmed, to put it better, my then fiancé,
After numerous unsuccessful attempts, he cautiously asked me to arrange a consultation there.

Skeptical, but also - more for his sake -, I took the appointment true.
My partner was equally enthusiastic, I asked to be able to think a little, which of course was not a problem.
Honestly, I was lucky that nobody was pushing at gilmed, on the contrary,
it was more a question of first thinking about starting at gilmed.

With me it triggered curiosity at home.
I started, secretly at first, without telling my fiancé. (childish in hindsight)

The first few days were not easy, they had me prepared for gilmed,
but I was also permanently motivated. That was so good.

After the first reduced 25 kilos my fiancé put a few flowers on the table and just grinned at me.
"Are you still at gilmed"?
... he did not say anything more.

After 37 kilos of weight reduction I have made him a marriage proposal.
Until then, I had the belief that I could not get pregnant.

At the goal of my reduction - 45 kilos - we had an intoxicating wedding.
What we did not know that I was already pregnant on the day of our wedding.

I gave birth to a healthy boy, our Rafael.
I was also accompanied professionally and lovingly by gilmed during my pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, I only gained 11 kilos and already got everything back

I will certainly take my regular appointments with gilmed. It has become part of my life.

Being at risk of relapsing is probably always a former fat man.
A strong will, a feeling for his body and the ladies at gilmed,
then you can get it under control.

Is not that a dream?